White Oval Partners with Pro Football Hall Of Fame 5K race series

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Will Supply Race Series with Custom White Oval Direct Mail Pieces 

Canton, OHIO, MAR 11, 2015 – This April 24-26, 2015 marks the introduction of several new events under the umbrella of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Gold Jacket 5K Race Series. Hartville, Ohio, marketing firm White Oval Marketing (www.WhiteOvalMarketing.com) has announced their partnership this year with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Gold Jacket 5K Race Series. White Oval Marketing will be providing custom direct mail pieces using a variable data printing scheme that allows them to print various pieces of personalized data on each mailer, so no two mailers are the same.

Having signed with White Oval Marketing will allow the Race Series to conduct several races throughout the year then communicate to each runner their position in the field as the race series progresses by receipt of a direct mail piece immediately after each race with that includes the runner’s race results and current standing.

White Oval Marketing has been creating sponsored ovals for racing related events for several years. Their product consists of a customized white oval that includes the runners time and the event name mailed directly to the participants address of record.

Using this direct mail piece will allow sponsors of the race an opportunity to offer sponsors a unique follow-up opportunity after their event. For White Oval, allowing sponsors to follow up with the event’s attendees is what they believe to be critical for many sponsors as it gives them the opportunity to maximize their ROI.

According to their website, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon was ‘created to provide a nationally recognized marathon event that ensures a high level of personalized runner service and benefits the City of Canton and surrounding communities’. This year’s race will be held over the weekend of April 24-26, 2015. The event will include a Marathon, Half Marathon, Gold Jacket 5K and Team Relay/Corporate Challenge Relay.

Brands Stake Out a Place on Courses of Jaw-Dropping Endurance Competitions

Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and CrossFit Games Are Growing Year Over Year

As more and more people willingly slither on their bellies in mud beneath barbed wire and dash through fields of live wires, brands like Reebok and Dos Equis are following them onto the courses of competitions designed to test their strength and endurance.

Competitions like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and CrossFit Games share an emphasis on personal fitness and an attitude that participants should push themselves beyond the comfortable limits of a routine gym workout, and they’re clearly no passing fad.

Tough Mudder, a 10- to 12-mile obstacle course, had 700,000 participants in 2013, up from 460,000 the previous year and counts Dos Equis, Advil, BIC, Under Armour, Wheaties and the U.S. Army as sponsors.

Spartan Race — a more rigorous obstacle course where participants are urged to finish with the best time possible — had 500,000 racers, up from 200,000 in 2012. Reebok is its title sponsor.

Then there is the CrossFit Games — which isn’t an obstacle course but rather a series of exceedingly difficult workouts taken from the eponymous and cult-like strength and conditioning program. It had 138,000 participants in 2013, up from 69,000 the year prior, with the finals televised on ESPN. Reebok is also its title sponsor.

The fact that 70% of Tough Mudder participants are male and their average age is 29 helped bring Dos Equis on board, according to brand director Ryan Thompson.

The brand has been a sponsor since 2010, and it served a beer to every participant of legal drinking age who finished the course at 35 U.S. events last year. It also has its branding on Tough Mudder’s notorious Electroshock Therapy obstacle — the field of live wires — which gets exposure on social media via posted photos.

“We know the participants and attendees are disproportionately social-media-savvy beer drinkers,” he said.

No brand has done more to align itself with endurance competitions than Reebok, which is the title sponsor of both CrossFit Games (in the fourth year of a 10-year deal) and Spartan Race as of last year. While the apparel company wouldn’t disclose the size of its investment, it goes far beyond marketing to promote the sports and extends to product development.

Reebok has an exclusive apparel and footwear license with the CrossFit fitness program and sold a million pairs of the Nano sneaker developed for it last year, according to Chris Froio, Reebok’s VP-fitness and training. It also has a new series of sneaker, the <adage_no_lookbook_links>All Terrain, developed for obstacle racing (it includes drainage ports for water) and designed in partnership with Spartan Race that’s being released next month.

These sponsorships are the result of a four-year-old brand repositioning to center on fitness and steer away from team sports. (Reebok’s 10-year contract as the NFL’s licensed apparel maker ended in 2012.) They also represent a more compelling approach to personal fitness than tedious hours spent on a treadmill, Mr. Froio said.

From his perspective, endurance competitions don’t need to become household names to help Reebok drive its business forward.

“What’s more important is them continuing to be aspirational, not necessarily that they continue to grow by ten-fold,” Mr. Froio said.

Source: http://adage.com/article/special-report-2014-sports/brands-a-place-jaw-dropping-endurance-competitions/291097/

The Skinny on Digital Printing

“There’s no question direct mail works,” says Joe Ewers, SVP of new business development at Harte-Hanks.

And here are the numbers to prove it: According to the DMA “Statistical Fact Book 2013,” in 2012 U.S. direct marketers spent $51 billion on direct mail, both catalog and non-catalog. That investment drove more than (believe it) $642 billion in sales.

Clearly direct mail is still effective, but in the digital world, it takes more to stand out in every channel.

In this video, Ewers talks direct mail, digital print, and personalization with Direct Marketing News. Says Ewers: “Make the information relevant and you will be able to drive response rates and improve the value of your direct mail.”

Source: Direct Marketing News

4 Ways to Increase Your Event Sponsors’ ROI

As potential sponsors have more opportunities to invest their marketing budgets elsewhere and the number of inbound solicitations they get increases, it’s up to event professionals to find new and interesting ways to justify sponsors’ spend.

Here are four unique ways that event professionals can increase sponsor ROI, and, in turn, increase sponsorship retention to secure their support for years to come.

1. Present sponsors with deep data about their target audience.

At the end of the day, the most basic reason marketers choose to sponsor events is to build their brand. The reason they have chosen your event as the vehicle to reach this goal is because they expect a high concentration of their target audience to be in attendance. Therefore, the best way to help your sponsors meet this goal is to provide them rich data about each of your attendees.

2. Give sponsors a virtual presence before and after the event.

As events move to have a virtual presence, the opportunities (e.g. lanyards, step-and-repeats, or programs) in typical sponsorship packages diminish and event professionals are left with not much more than offering up digital ad space in newsletters and on the web. This makes experiential software even more important and also raises opportunities such as placing logos on your virtual event layout.

For example, Brazen Careerist, a job site for Gen Yers, offers employers an opportunity to connect with talent through virtual career fairs. Instead of purchasing a booth at an expo, employers purchase an online presence where they can engage potential talent in a virtual environment.

3. Include sponsors in the planning process to drive value.

Make the planning process more transparent and create a mailing list just for sponsors, which you can use to send updates to. Updates don’t have to be earth shattering as long as they’re regular and informative.

As the event nears, send sponsors privileged information that can help them achieve their goals. This can include the floor plan of the event created in Venue Mapper by Social Tables, the attendee list, or the run of show. This kind of information is safe in the hands of your sponsors. It will make them feel included and appreciated, and more importantly, it will drive their sponsorship’s value.

4. Offer sponsors a unique follow-up opportunity after their event.

The number one reason organizations sponsor events is to reach their prime audience. This is why following up with the event’s attendees is critical for many sponsors and giving them the the opportunity to do so can go maximize their ROI.

Here are some ways you can automate this process for them:

  • Share an opt-in list of attendees that contains rich profile data with sponsors
  • Create an online community of attendees to keep the conversation going after the event
  • Reach out to attendees to acknowledge your sponsors with a genuine, heartfelt message
  • Introduce certain attendees to sponsors where there will be mutual value gained
  • Connect sponsors to one another because there are many ways they can work together

The opportunities for potential sponsors to spend their marketing budgets are a dime a dozen. These organizations are inundated with solicitations from many event professionals. Thus, in order to secure and retain sponsorships, it’s important for event professionals to build and maintain strong relationships with their sponsors. The strength of these relationships will decide the size, length, and scope of each sponsorship.

Source: http://blog.socialtables.com/2013/04/04/4-ways-to-increase-your-event-sponsors-roi/

Travel Adventures for Runners

If you’re a marathon runner that lives in the Midwest…this can be a disheartening time of the year.  All of the fall races are over, and the spring distance runs don’t start back up until mid-April.

What to do…run in the rain & snow?  Break the treadmill again?  Grow a beard and get fat on turkey?  How about a racecation?  It’s a great way to stay motivated, in shape and check a race destination off your bucket list.

If the idea of running the Honolulu Marathon in December sounds euphoric…but the thought of planning it sounds about as fun as shoveling your driveway, check out Marathon Tours & Travel.  They are a full-service travel agency specializing in providing group travel specials and packages to runners and their friends for travel to the world’s most spectacular destination marathons and half marathons on all seven continents.  They are currently offering special discounts for many featured races this winter.